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Classy Payal Design Every Women Will Love

The use of jewelry as a part of a costume for enhancing the beauty of females has been a very prevalent part of a tradition in the world. There are many pieces of jewel available in the market today. For a girl gold, silver, etc. are favorites. Hence, a woman wants different payal design options for every other dress she wears.

All About Payal Design

  • How did payal come to be a very important part of women’s accessory?
  • What is the history of this jewel piece?
  • Where can you find the best payal design in India?

Payal has by many names today, such as anklet, anklet chain, ankle bracelet, and ankle string. Payal or anklet is a traditional ornament, culturally worn by South Asian people. It has been more than 8 thousand years of accepting payal as a piece of jewelry by South Asian people. Hence, Payal is traditionally recognized as a sign of a married woman in many parts of Asian countries, especially in India. 

Payal Design

Payal is worn in different ways in different parts of South Asian country, for example

  • In Egypt, Payal is called menfret. They were of different metals and are found in many shapes. There was a division in class shown by the use of more expensive metals like gold, common among the rich, and less expensive ones like silver and iron being more common among lower social classes.
  • In Europe, Payal is worn in form as Bronze anklets. They are seen from the Bronze Age in parts of Europe.
  • In India, different part uses Payal in different ways. You will see several anklets in India of silver, gold, and whatnot. The term payal is also derived from India.

Above all, this is not it much traditional jewelry is now coming into fashion at a very fast rate. Today many people manufacture different kinds of jewelry. Apart from gold and silver today bronzes, copper, etc. are also used to make an artificial form of this jewelry which are coated to look like gold or silver. These are much cheap and have variant designs. 


Above all, the anklet is gifted to young children of the family as a gesture of love. There is also a black bead anklet that is gifted to young ones in the family which is regarded as the traditional way to expresses protection against the evil eye.

Payal Design

In traditional Indian marriage, an anklet is gifted as a gesture of love and prosperity. Females are regarded as Laxim’s goddess of wealth. She often wears gunguru embedded in her anklets design. This is because it is believed in India that women are the figure of goddess Sarasvati, who is the goddess of music and peace. 

Anklet as a medium of art 

In earlier times, women wore payal make up of cloth-stitched gunguru in itself while performing on stage. Indian traditional dance forms like Kathak, kathakali, Bharatnatyam, and Kuchipudi, use this gunguru to match the beat of the song that is played on the table. These gunguru’s are made of metallic bells knotted together to make a sound.

The sound these gunguru makes, perfectly balances the sound of other instruments played with it. This engages people watching the dance. Today and from the history of time, the value of these pair of gunguru’s haven’t lost its importance. These represent the cultural and traditional values of the country. Indian traditional folk dancers are also regarded as music foot.

The sound produced as a mix of tabla, harmonium, and dancer’s foot moment has today a great part of the musical world. Hence, this type of payal design is generally preached by the dancer just like other instruments used in music. 

Types of Payal Designs

There are different types of Payal in fashion today. Some of them are listed below-

 • Silver Finish Payal: Wearing silver anklets has traditional as well as fashion value today. Why are silver payal preferred over gold? It is believed that gold has auspicious as well as great importance in Hindu tradition, but it is also believed that Gold should not be worn below the waistline as it is said in upanyas.

 • Kundan Payal: Kundan jewelry is ruling the fashion industry, today. Kundan payal design give a beautiful royal touch to the jewelry you buy. These types of payal design are often considered as a perfect pick for a bride to wear with her costumes. Hence, Kundan Anklets are available in various designs. 

Kundan Payal Design

Antique Gold Payal: In today’s time antique jewelry are in demand. Antique gold payal looks beautiful with ethnic dresses. This payal has great detail intricate carving design and have embedded stones as well.

 • Diamond Payal: To establish a modern yet traditional look your best pick would be a diamond payal. American diamond anklets are beautiful and add a lot of glamour to women’s appearance. Hence, these payal design looks amazing when worn with a designer costume

Ankle Bracelet & Toe Ring with Payal: This is the latest of payal design which is mostly seen in the bridal accessory collection. The Payal is connected with toe rings with the help of a chain.

Single-Leg Anklet: today, the style has evolved to a single leg anklet which is girls wear in the single leg. These payal design are available in beautiful delicate designs, in silver, golden, and rose-gold finish. 


All women love colors, for anyone who wishes to have a colorful yet basic payal design. Polki stone Payal designs should be the perfect pick. These payals looks vibrant and beautiful with any form of attire due to the use of so many color stones. Also, today silver jewelry is outshining the market therefore, Silver Payals looks beautiful on everyone, and these are found in decorated designs with stones and crystals as well. Hence, Kundan jewelry is also making its mark in the industry today. Hence, you must consider buying yourself a Kundan Payals which are also called the Pearl Payals which look pretty as well.

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