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Gemstone: caring, cleaning, cleansing and recharging

Your healing gemstone jewelry is formed with natural gemstones and may be a hand-made product. Additionally to it gemstones can absorb the negative energy surrounding them. So it’s important that you simply keep them clean, cleansed, and recharged.

Here are some recommendations on caring for your bracelets. So you’ll be able to keep them looking beautiful and like their healing properties as long as possible.

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 • Keep your bracelets dry. Do not wear your gemstone jewelry within the water. Minerals and chlorine added to the water can harm the stones and therefore the metals. Don’t wear your bracelets while swimming.

• Your bracelet is supposed for everyday wear. However, to avoid scratching the stones on your bracelet or overly stretching the cord we recommend that you just begin your bracelet before figuring out or doing anything really active.

• Protect your bracelets from harsh chemicals. If you’re cleaning with any household cleaners, initiate your bracelet until you’re done. set out your bracelet also before putting lotion, creams, or oil on your skin. Oil can cause build up and discoloration between the beads and any metal components.

  1. CHECK YOUR gemstones

It is easy to not realise that your jewellery needs a clean, either because you wear it all the time and do not notice the changes or because it’s put away somewhere and you do not take a look at it too often. The good news is that cleaning for many jewellery pieces is pretty easy. Read on to search out how.

  • Provide it A WASH

 This is the only cleaning step to try and do, but just about all jewellery should take pleasure in it. you would possibly find it’s all you would like to try to for several pieces. Wash your jewellery with warm water employing a gentle soap. soap, soap for woollens or perhaps hand soap with no moisturiser or harsh chemicals should work well. Use a cloth or soft bristled brush to assist get grime out of crevices. Once it’s clean ensure you dry it quickly and well.


 If grime and dirt isn’t removed easily from intricate pieces, then consider getting an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner and follow the instructions. Note that an ultrasonic won’t remove tarnish, but it’ll work a treat with complex pieces which have plenty of crevices where dirt can accumulate and stick.

4. BUT: DON’T ALWAYS USE AN ULTRASONIC! If your silver jewellery has blackened areas as a part of the look or soft gemstones like opaque gem, turquoise or pearls then avoid ultrasonic cleaning to air the safe side.


Sterling silver particularly will tarnish over time, but other precious metals can furthermore, including lower carats of gold. this can be a standard process with metal and therefore the tarnish is simple enough to wash off precious metals. 6. OR: USE SILVER DIP INSTEAD You can also use silver dip for very quickly and simply removing tarnish from metal.


As with an ultrasonic cleaner, if your silver jewellery has blackened areas as a part of the look (such as our Japanese pendant) or soft gemstones like opaque gem, turquoise or pearls then avoid silver dip to get on the safe side because it may damage some finishes and gemstones.


 Never use ‘old wives’ jewelery cleaning methods which has toothpaste or bicarbonate of soda which is rubbed onto the metal. This can remove tiny amounts of metal each time you are doing it and over time it’ll damage and deplete your precious jewelery. Make sure when you are employing a polishing cloth, brush or the rest should be rubbed against the metal, particularly if your jewelery features a more delicate finish. Too much enthusiasm with jewelery cleaning might not be a decent thing!


If your necklace has silk thread, you can washed in warm soapy water, followed by a rinse. 


Now your jewellery is good and clean, have a give some thought to how best to store it to avoid desirous to clean it again timely. Avoid storing valuable jewellery particularly in a very humid place – especially the toilet. Humidity will speed up tarnishing lots, so avoid it.. If you reside during a humid place, then extra care should be taken and more cleaning undertaken. Ideally valuable jewellery should be stored far from free flowing air. this may also curtail tarnish, plus it’ll help keep dust treed. Keep it in an exceedingly pouch, small jewellery box or similar if you’ll. If you prefer having your jewellery on display, then bear in mind that it’s likely to want a clean more often, so keep a watch on that.


 • Clean your bracelets with warm water and a gentle soap. If you see any discoloration or build abreast of your beads it’s time to scrub them. to scrub your bracelets, scrub your jewelry gently with a soft cloth and a little amount of a gentle soap, wash under warm water, and dry gently with a dry soft cloth. Polish the brass tag, alloy, and gold plated beads with a clean soft cloth.


 Natural gemstones and crystals absorb your negative energy and therefore the energies surrounding them. Therefore, it’s important that you just cleanse your jewelry on a daily basis. There are alternative ways to try to this and that they all work well. Here are three simple ways we cleanse the bracelets:

• Moonlight. Leave your gemstones on earth or a natural surface so that it can be grounded.

• Smudging. You’ll be able to also use the smoke of Artemisia gnaphalodes to cleanse your bracelets.

• Selenite Crystal. If you’ve got a selenite slab reception or any large crystal cluster, you’ll be able to lay your bracelet on top to cleanse it. Selenite has the flexibility to eliminate negative and stagnant energy. And to act as an amplifier of the energy of the opposite crystals. High vibration sound of crystal singing bowls. you’ll also cleanse your crystals with the high vibration sound of Tibetan. Or crystal singing bowls or the other instrument with high vibration sound. Tibetan tingsha bells work also even as well. This is often  awfully ethical and exquisite way of cleansing moreover as infusing your crystals.  This is often also the charging process which allows the crystals to try and do their healing work effectively.


• Set your intention. After cleaning and cleansing your bracelet it’s time to line a replacement intention and provides your jewelry new purpose. Simply hold your jewelry into your hands and shut to your heart. Set your intention then put your bracelet on. Here is an example: Money & Prosperity bracelet – Hold your bracelet in your hands near your heart. Say, I charge this crystal with the energy of cash and wealth. That’s flowing to me easily and effortlessly. So be it. So it is.

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